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How to DIY Repair a Pothole

How to DIY Repair a Pothole

Posted by Andrea Schenian on May 4th 2020

Pothole, when I say the word, what do you see in your mind’s eye? What do you hear? I would bet a wince and not a smile falls upon your face. They are a dangerous nuisance. Potholes form on driveways, streets, sidewalks, warehouse floors, cart paths, parking lots, etc. They are a danger to pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists.

So much drama over these potholes, they are causing injuries, damage and draining bank accounts. I have heard some of the best inventions provide solutions to a problem. Potholes are a big problem and Pothole Bind™ is the solution.

You may be saying wait; I thought someone already invented something for that? To answer the question, yes people have already invented a way to repair potholes. I will explain to you why Pothole Bind™ is the best solution. Let me first say, I am not in construction. I am actually a graphic designer. My husband invented Pothole Bind™, so I will explain this with the best of my knowledge. If you want the details, email Jeff, or refer to our Q and A page.

I want to mention a fun fact, Pothole Bind™ works with asphalt and concrete. Yeah, I know, convenient right?! There are two methods to filling an asphalt pothole, hot mix asphalt or cold patch. Hot mix asphalt repairs hold up quite well. However, make sure you can close the road or lot for some time, the curing process for this is lengthy. Another negative, it can be quite costly, think big trucks and a team of workers costly. Does the hot mix asphalt facts have you feeling disheartened?

Cold patch is a solution used by many. Pothole Bind™ is a cold patch. What is the biggest negative to products that use the cold patch method? Unfortunately, they do not last. All it takes is a heavy rainfall and the product washes away. Some cold patch products can also take a while to cure(set up), require heavy machinery and some are not easy to store.

I hope you do not find me pompous but I am going to boast a little about Pothole Bind™ now. Pothole Bind™ is easy to use, strong, cost effective and most importantly, it lasts! It is a bagged, dry powder blend and it is easy to store. The dry powder blend is mixed with water and placed into the hole. You then can either choose to compact or simply sooth the surface of the hole.  Another pro to Pothole Bind, it can be driven on immediacy with compaction and within minutes without. With Pothole Bind, there is no need to close a road/lot down for repairs. For more information on how to repair a pothole click here.

Do not forget, Pothole Bind™ not only works on asphalt but also concrete. A friend of Jeff’s had this huge gap between their asphalt and concrete driveways. Pothole Bind was the perfect solution for the driveway repair (picture below title). They were thrilled not have to drive over that coffee spilling gap any longer. Pothole Bind can repair a concrete pothole by binding to the walls of the concrete hole. Otherwise, to repair the damaged concrete one must jack hammer and replace the area with new concrete. Sounds like a complicated, costly option to me.

Got potholes? Choose Pothole Bind™, we fill your holes!