Happy Customers


"Still in Place After Three Years"

After attending NATSO a few years back we were introduced to Pothole Bind.   We decided to give it a try at some of our locations that had some potholes that were a continual issue.  All of us were pleased with the results.  The original applications are still in place after three years.  This year we decided to purchase 4 pallets to use to continue to patch.  The product is easy to use and sets up fast.   Thank you Jeff for the introduction to this great product. 

- T. Smith
  GoMart Inc.



"Superior Product"

"With Pothole Bind we have found it to be a much superior product and holds up well even through the winter months. The fast setting cure time is a huge plus and binds very well. I Highly Recommend Pothole Bind."


 - J. Schafer
  Warrenton Oil Company



"Sets Up Quick"

“Product is amazing. Far superior to cold patch and cheaper than using contractors. Sets up so quick and ready to drive over in 30 minutes.” 

- Richard Serra
  President /CEO at All Pro Parking, LLC


"Easy to Use"

 “We are already into the pallet you sent us last week and will probably be ordering more soon. The product is just as easy to use as other cement and pothole binders except it sets up so much faster and you can drive over it in a matter of minutes. We are feeling confident that this is our solution to blacktop and cement repairs after the harsh winters here in Upstate NY.”

- Raymond Grobowski - Manager, Facility Maintenance, FedEx Ground


stars-01.png“Holds up Well”

 “We run a TA Travel Center on the Interstate that has tons of heavy Truck Traffic, we’ve used PotHole Bind in several pot holes in Asphalt and concrete in some of the most extreme locations in our lot around the entrance of our location and it seems to hold up very well. Preparation is very simple as well.”

- Matt Mildenberger, President / Mitten Inc


 stars-01.png“Superior Product”

We operate a large Truck Stop in Sacramento Ca. and we have approximately 4 to 500 trucks a day passing through our facility so needless to say, pot holes are a constant problem. We have found that Pothole Bind is a superior product and the only one we have found to withstand the weight and abuse of these heavy vehicles. Also Jeff is a pleasure to work with and he stands behind his product 100%. I recommend this product to anyone.
- Paul M., Maintenance Manager


”Perfect Repair"

 “I had realized one day onsite of a project that I was in an Bind (no pun intended) I had a major project coming up the next day. I found an area of asphalt pavement that needed some attention and immediately. Cold mix would not work for a permanent repair nor could I get a hot mix asphalt repair completed in such a short time. It was brought to my attention that we had this (PotholeBind) materials available to us. I watched the 2 short videos from the website and away we went with a repair using this product as it met all the criteria for this repair needed. We mixed it as per the instructions placed it in field and gave it about 20 to 30 minutes to dry and what a perfect repair it was. Thanks PotholeBind.”

- Jimmy Finch, Town of Gilbert Streets Department


 stars-01.png ”Finally Found a Product"


“Can't tell where the hole was to begin with. Turned out great. ” 

 "Here at the A&A Truckstop our eight acre parking lot is vital to operating our business. After using multiple patch products and even replacing multiple sections of our lot, we have finally found a product that not only works better but is easy to apply and cost effective. If that isn't enough the customer service is just as good as the product, going above and beyond to assure your shipment arrives in a timely manner and in good condition. Any questions or concerns are addressed right away by Jeff himself, as well as the best way to approach each project."

- Steven Trepanier - President, A&A Truckstop


stars-01.png“Best Solution”

"I was excited to see our latest shipment of PotHole Bind arrive yesterday!  After trying the product for the first-time last fall, I’m convinced that it is the best solution for filling every kind of pothole here at Cantigny Park.  We used PotHole Bind to repair some horribly large and deep potholes on a main thoroughfare through the park that was also used as a construction route for renovating the McCormick Museum.  Countless trucks fully loaded with gravel, soil, and construction materials bombarded that driveway, and the PotHole Bind held up through all of it!  I’ve used other cold patch paving materials in the past, but PotHole Bind is the most durable and easy to install product I’ve encountered to help us address asphalt and concrete failures after a long cold Chicago winter.  I’d highly recommend giving it a try!"

S. Witte,  Director of Natural Resources & Grounds


stars-01.png“Worth Every Penny”

" Amazing product! It's awesome how well it bonds. Definitely worth every penny. We used it on our fuel island to fix our standing water problem and worked great. Between the cars and semi's, the material is extremely durable and way more cost effective then a completely new pad especially when you factor in down time."

- L. Cortez, Director, Mescalero Gas Co.