What is Pothole Bind?

Pothole Bind is a superior pothole repair product that works on asphalt or concrete! It comes in two pigments: black or grey. Same product, different look! 


Pothole Bind is a dry powder blend that is bagged and easy to store. Maybe you have tried a cold fill product before? Did it last? Pothole Bind will last! It creates a durable bond with itself and the walls of the concrete/asphalt hole you choose to fill. 



Pothole Bind is Not only for Potholes! In the image below a concrete curb has been repaired.





It is remarkably easy to use; heavy machinery is not required and there is no need to shut down your lot/driveway/walkway/etc. for the repairs. 

Only 3 Steps: 1. Mix product with water 2. Fill hole with mixture 3. *Drive on Immediately(with compaction) or wait for around 30 minutes(without compaction)

There are two application options when using Pothole Bind:

Option 1 - Compaction-  To drive on the filled pothole immediately you must compact the product into the hole. One may use a hand tamp, a compactor, or simply a piece of plywood and the weight of your vehicle. Compaction also has the benefit of creating an optimal bond. Because of this we recommend compaction on heavy trafficked areas. Testing results have exhibited that with compaction our premium product reaches a stability of 8000 pounds within 30 minutes!

Option 2 - Without compaction our product will dry quickly and still have a strong bond! How fast it dries is dependent on the amount of moisture and heat in the air. The dryer and hotter the atmosphere, the quicker the filled hole will dry. Testing results have exhibited that without compaction our premium product reaches a stability of 5000 pounds within one hour!


Application Instructions and Tutorial Videos 

English - https://potholebind.com/application-instructions-english/

Spanish - https://potholebind.com/application-instructions-espa-ol/




Check out our Commonly asked Questions page for application tips:



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