About Us

Pothole Bind Mission

Our mission: To provide an easy, long lasting solution to the infrastructure crisis.

The Pothole Bind Story

Jeff Schenian, creator of Pothole Bind was born in a small town in Ohio. Many summers ago, he was visiting home to spend time with family. When there, his father had expressed his frustration over a quote he had received. The quote was to repair his deteriorating driveway. Jeff and his father were shocked at the cost of this type of repair. Jeff had been in the soil stabilization industry and thought he may have an idea of how to fix the driveway himself. After a few days’ time, Jeff was able to create a liquid solution that did indeed, work! Jeff’s sister heard the news and came to him with her own pavement problem. As the owner of a property management company, she had a major pothole problem. She was unable to get the HOA’s to approve the repairs of the holes riddling the communities she managed. The quotes she had received from the asphalt companies were too costly and traditional cold patch did not last long. She needed a product that was easy to use like a cold patch, but would last like a hot asphalt repair. Jeff worked hard to transform his original liquid solution to the product it is today. After years of research and development, Pothole Bind™ was finally ready to bring to market. Pothole Bind is the perfect solution to pavement repair. It is an easy, DIY, dry powder, aggregate blend that lasts!