Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it last?

When applied as recommended, Pothole Bind™ will outlast the asphalt around it. 

How much will I need?

One fifty pound bag of Pothole Bind™ will cover roughly .375 cubic feet.

How long does it take to dry?

Well, that all depends.  It’s all about the water evaporating.  A pothole that is filled in 100 degree sunny weather will dry quicker than a pothole filled in 40 degrees and a shaded area.  All in all, if you use the recommended application, you can drive on it immediately with compaction. For more information on compaction go here.

What should the consistency of Pothole Bind™ be after mixed with water?

The amount of water required is determined by which directions you follow. There are two directional options: compaction and non compaction. The consistency of the mixture for non compaction is similar to a concrete slurry. The consistency of the mixture for compaction is slightly damp and moldable. 

Is it environmentally safe?

Yes. There are no VOCs or other harmful materials.

Which pigment should I get?

Are you repairing asphalt?  Then black.

Are you repairing concrete? Then Grey.

If you are repairing a faded asphalt you may want to go with grey.

Do I need to clean out the pothole before filling it?

Clean out any trash and large debris that may be in the hole. Defined walls on the sides of the pothole is best. 

Does the pothole need an edge to bind to?

When using the application method 1, compaction, an edge is needed to bind to.

Can I fill a pothole when it is raining or when the ground is wet?

A drizzle or slightly wet ground will not be a problem.  We do not recommended applying the product in a heavy rainfall or if there is a puddle in the hole.  The product needs the water to evaporate to harden properly. In a heavy rain or with a puddle, there is just too much water for a proper repair.  

Can I fill a pothole when it is cold outside?

Pothole Bind will not work properly when applied in freezing temperatures. This is because the water that mixes with it can not freeze. We suggest using warm/hot water when it is colder out. 

Can I fill a pothole when it is hot outside?

Best time to do it.  The water evaporates quicker. 

What tools will I need to fill a pothole with Pothole Bind™?

Pothole Bind does not require heavy machinery.

-          Bag of Pothole Bind™

-          Water

-          Mixing Tools (shovel, hoe, etc).

-          Wheelbarrow or Tub

-          Something to smooth the surface with (concrete placer, trowel, etc.)

-          Optional – Something to compact with (hand tamp, vibratory plate, roller, lay board down and drive over with car).  

How does it ship?

Fifty-pound bags ship by USPS Priority Mail. Pallets ship with LTL and Truckloads. 

How long will it take to arrive?

USPS Priority Mail takes 2-3 days once shipped.  With pallet orders, that depends on where the product is shipped to (usually a few days once shipped). 

How does the product need to be stored?

Needs to be stored in a dry area. Do not expose to water until you are ready to use.